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Get to know your content and your audience even better.

You create tons of great content to attract, engage and delight your readers. And in this competitive, rapidly-evolving digital media landscape, it’s more important than ever to know your audience and how, when and where they consume your content. OnWords’ soon-to-be-released media analytics platform gives your team easy access to dozens of data points via dynamic, interactive, customizable dashboards. Many of our real-time and historical metrics and insights are either unavailable or difficult to obtain through other platforms. But we’re so much more than just another analytics company. Our platform offers a rapidly evolving set of features that will blow your mind. To learn more about OnWords or our free pilot, click below.

Analytics + Automation = Awesome

We’ve talked to dozens of publishers and one of the biggest concerns we heard consistently is that: “Actionable data isn’t very useful if you can't act upon it!” OnWords to the rescue. Our AURA™ platform is designed to put your data to work for you. While it’s premature to provide too much detail yet, be aware that we have two main goals: (1) Help publishers uncover premium inventory to increase yield, and (2) Personalize user experiences to deepen engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. To learn more about OnWords or our free pilot, click below.